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Written on 8 May 2008

About a decade or so ago, design studios performed a peculiar ritual, which involved placing a webcam in their studios to project their office life out onto a publicly available website. It seemed the right thing to do at a time when internet technologies were in their infancy and carrying out such an ‘advanced feat’ denoted high technological skill and capability.

That naivety seems to have passed on from this world (in most cases). But just recently I came across the revival of the practice at Madrid’s DoubleYou agency.

Visit DoubleYou Hi

Their website provides a two way interface between the studio and the spectator and the spectator and the studio.
While you satisfy your voyeuristic needs observing at the studio from within your own browser, you can also type a message which is displayed on an LED sign located inside the studio.

Similar examples are popping up all around us – some less literal and some more. In retrospect, this example may seem like a pointless experiment, just like the webcams a decade ago, but for now they mark the beginning of what is to come as designers and architects are increasingly embracing the concept of situated technologies.

What others think:

  1. Brad says:

    I think it is a winner. It breaks down the unknown from a clients perspective – connects client and agency. Potential clients might see it and think ‘I wish I had all those people working on my project’ :-)

    25 February 2009

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