Issey Miyake pulls Dyson apart

Written on 2 January 2011

A crew of adorable, eery, quirky, fun and highly imaginative robot fashion models are currently manning the lower gallery at Design Museum Holon. Both garments and robot models are made entirely out of deconstructed Dyson vacuum machine parts.

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Designed by Dai Fujiwara, Creative Director for Issey Miyake, the collection titled The Wind, was originally launched in the Spring of 2008 at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo.

It is fascinating to view them as holistic creatures and to examine specific body parts and garment sections in an attempt to identify their pre-adapted roles.

The Wind is part of an exhibition exploring the interplay between machines and haute couture: Mechanical Couture, Fashioning a New Order
Design Museum Holon
Running until January 08, 2011

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