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Written on 23 February 2008

A number of months ago, while walking through the back streets of Chippendale in Sydney, a real-estate agent sign drew me into a derelict, yet intriguing, little house which I soon discovered used to be a church. This converted 19th century church has since found a tenant and today houses on its ground level a charming little wine bar/restaurant, named Mission after the building’s original use, and a gallery on the upper level.

I am in two minds about Mission’s interior design: it incorporates too rich a palette of materials, finishes and lighting, which can initially dazzle those who have an eye for simplicity. However, all the details have been carefully orchestrated to create a cosy and pampering atmosphere, whether you are there to dine or drink. Behind the considered design, there is also a fine element of cheekiness, aimed at those who wish to see it.

A sense of play is also expressed by the restaurant menu, which explores a non-conventional approach to list the culinary selection. The traditional breakdown of meals, based on Entrée Main Dessert has been excluded from the menu and instead food is categorised by price range. The chunking of dish selection based on price range clearly implies the size of serving within each category, but it makes you think differently about what you order.

Visit Mission website

Whether you feel like 6 – 11, 12 – 17, or 18 – 26,
go there:
3 Little Queen Street
Chippendale, Sydney

What others think:

  1. andreas says:

    it seems its catering for the cost-conscious consumer. how much will I want to spend today? certainly not centered around the pleasures of a crispy duck with orange, warm lentil salad & beetroot relish.

    apart from that – the system of price brackets, from low to high (as one would expect) isnt applied consistently. if you have to figure out that small price equals small meals, it shouldnt be a problem to merge the sweets in with the rest at a spot appropriate.

    thats just my five cents worth of opinion.

    but I d go and try some 12 to 17 dollars.
    have you ever had those delicious 26 dollars? wow!

    10 November 2008

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